From an email dated Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hi Bill and Pete - 

I feel compelled to write this email to tell you both what I experienced last night - a real act of class! Last night I had the pleasure to officiate the junior playoff game between Franklin Lakes and Glen Rock. In addition to being a terrific, hard-fought and well-played game by both teams, I was even more impressed by the manner in which the Glen Rock players and coaches behaved all night! They handled themselves with dignity and class - the players extending their hands to help Franklin Lakes players up after tackles, bumping fists with their opponents when they made a good play and always displaying an upbeat and positive attitude. The coaching staff was a model of sportsmanship that is sadly extremely rare in today's society. I heard nothing but encouragement and positive reinforcement for the players all night long - truly amazing. Last night there were no losers - sometimes the scoreboard doesn't tell the whole story - everybody won in my book! It was an honor to be a small part of that event! Congratulations to an entire staff and team that gets it!

- Steve Peloso

(Board Member of the New Jersey Football Official Association)