Glen Rock Junior Football Association’s Cheerleading Program

Flag Football Cheerleading Squad: Kindergarten–1st Grade
Tackle Football Cheerleading Squad: Second Grade–Eighth Grade

  • No tryouts or prior cheer experience is required.
  • Girls will learn basic cheerleading skills, sideline cheers and a halftime dance.
  • Fun events include cheering at home and away football games, the River Vale Cheer Showcase in late October, and cheering alongside their high school coaches at the Glen Rock High School Homecoming game.


Cheer FAQs


What is the time commitment?

For tackle cheer, practice begins in late summer, usually the second week of August. Tackle cheerleaders will practice in the evenings four days a week (Mondays through Thursdays), usually at Faber Field. Once school begins, tackle cheerleaders will have one weekday practice per week and will be expected to cheer at one or two games on the weekends (one on Saturday and one on Sunday), depending on whether the football squad they’ll be cheering for has A and B teams.

For flag cheer, they will have practice once a week during the football season while the flag football team scrimmages (usually on a weekend morning at Faber Field). The flag cheerleaders will learn simple sideline cheers and a short halftime dance routine for Flag Football Night Under the Lights, which occurs on a Friday night in late October.


Who are the coaches?

For tackle cheer, a professional cheerleading coach will teach sideline cheers and a halftime dance routine with the help and support of the Glen Rock High School Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders.

For flag cheer, selected eighth graders (our graduating senior cheerleaders) will serve as coaches.


Is there travel?

For tackle cheer, roughly half the games are played at home and half are away. As this cheer program is associated with the football program, tackle cheer’s schedules are dependent upon the corresponding tackle football schedule. Cheerleaders are expected to arrive 30 minutes before game time to be organized into stunting groups and practice their halftime routines. Some of the other towns in our league (TCYFL) include Butler, Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon and Pequannock, to give you an idea of the distances we travel.

For flag cheer, all practices are played in Glen Rock (usually at Faber Field). Flag football/cheer have one big “game” toward the end of the season, Flag Football Night Under the Lights, which occurs on a Friday night in late October.


What is the cost?

The registration fee is $175 for tackle cheer and $125 for flag cheer. Fees go up by $25 on May 16 and another $25 on June 16. Prices are as of the 2023 football season and are subject to change at the discretion of the GRJFA board.


What are the uniform requirements?

For tackle cheer, a cheer vest, skirt and bow will be provided in August. NEW THIS SEASON FOR TACKLE CHEER: Tackle cheerleaders will be required to purchase a warm-up jacket as the cheer sweaters will be retired for the 2024 season. The cost is $70 and the deadline to purchase a personalized jacket is June 15, 2024. You may purchase the jacket, HERE

For flag cheer, a cheer top, skirt and bow will be provided. Information about other uniform requirements will be provided upon registration of your cheerleader.